Openly Outspoken

EP54 - How to purchase a business with little to no cash out of pocket. Featuring: Chris Daigle

October 29, 2021 Jeremy Adams Episode 54
Openly Outspoken
EP54 - How to purchase a business with little to no cash out of pocket. Featuring: Chris Daigle
Show Notes

This week on Ep. 54 of Openly Outspoken, I sit down with master conservative buyer Chris Daigle. We go into depth about his involvement in Roland Frazier's EPIC Training Program for Entrepreneurs and how to go about purchasing businesses with little to no money out of pocket. I learn about acquisitional entrepreneurship, his method to approaching businesses, the importance of deal flow, and the power of "less doing, more thinking".

About Chris Daigle:
Chris is a Growth Architect and Strategic Advisor with over 20 years expertise in M&A, business development, digital marketing, direct response marketing, and affiliate program development & management, and is known for his consistent success in scaling companies quickly; making the growth easy; and keeping the owners sane in the process.Having taken several companies beyond $100m in annual sales, some of his successes include developing new business with Tim Sykes, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad), James Altucher and others, that have generated over $250m to date.In addition to this project, Chris stays active with investments in financial publishing, SaaS for retail investors, commercial real estate development, and general business brokerage.

Connect with Chris Daigle:

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