Openly Outspoken

EP53 - Yeah, pro wrestling is fucking cool. Featuring: Jeremy Gomez

October 22, 2021 Jeremy Adams Episode 53
Openly Outspoken
EP53 - Yeah, pro wrestling is fucking cool. Featuring: Jeremy Gomez
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken, I sit down with Jeremy Gomez on Episode 53 of Openly Outspoken.  We chat about how AEW is getting tons of fans back that haven’t been around for a long time. Thus, bringing competition to the marketplace. We also chat about how Jeremy Gomez owns his own wrestling company and how he helps his wrestlers to the next level, including them being featured on AEW.

About Jeremy Gomez: 

Jeremy Gomez

Owner of Generation Championship Wrestling

/ Generation Entertainment Fl / The World's Largest Food Truck Rally

Connect with Jeremy Gomez:




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