Openly Outspoken

EP52 - Starting an MLS soccer club and the impact of mixing sports/politics. Featuring: Kay Rawlins

October 15, 2021 Jeremy Adams Episode 52
Openly Outspoken
EP52 - Starting an MLS soccer club and the impact of mixing sports/politics. Featuring: Kay Rawlins
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken, I sit down with Kay Rawlins on Episode 52 of Openly Outspoken.  We chat about how Kay Rawlins moved over to the U.S from England to start a Major League Soccer team right in the heart of Orlando and the impact of mixing sports/politics.

About Kay Rawlins: 
Founder and minority owner of Orlando City Soccer Club; Senior VP of Community Relations; President of the Foundation. Speaking engagements on behalf of the Club, community outreach, sending players to schools and youth groups and encouraging staff and fans to join community projects. Board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, Cannonball Kids cancer, Central Florida Foundation, 4 Rivers Foundation, Commission on Homelessness, Florida Sports Foundation, WISE Greater Orlando; All Women Empowered, Advisory Committee of the US Global Leadership Coalition. OBJ 2016 Businesswoman of the Year, gave a talk at TEDx Orlando 2017 and awarded Corporate Ally of the Year 2019 by the Pride Chamber.Mother of 4, grandmother of 3!

Connect with Kay Rawlins:

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