Openly Outspoken

EP51 - Do women have a disadvantage in the business world? Featuring: Caroline Castille

July 09, 2021 Jeremy Adams
Openly Outspoken
EP51 - Do women have a disadvantage in the business world? Featuring: Caroline Castille
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken, I sit down with Caroline Castille. We chat about women in business, her successes in business, working with her partner, how to build a strong relationship, and so much more. 

Caroline is a hustler, adventurer, and visionary. She’s chosen her career path out of the fun and most challenging passions— the things that she loves. Dance, finance, data, fashion, and entrepreneurship. She currently is scaling her ads agency, Clickable Impact, and other portfolio companies, namely:,,, and Clickable Impact has grown from 2 to 20 employees in the past 3 years in business, with a majority of them having graduated or taking classes at UCF. 

In 2020, Caroline was inducted into the UCF College of Business Hall of Fame with the Notable Knight Award. Caroline was also recognized as a UCF 30 Under 30 awardee. 

Caroline has an extensive background in venture capital by building and selling one of the largest angel groups in the state of Florida: Florida Angel Nexus “NEXUS.”  NEXUS Investors deployed $20MM of capital to 69 Florida-based tech companies and was acquired by Florida Funders in August 2018. NEXUS started out of UCF with co-founders Mike O’Donnell and Blaire Martin. Caroline also served as the Fund Ops Manager of the FAN Fund (, which launched in October 2015. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a dual major in Finance and Spanish. 

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