Openly Outspoken

EP49 - Jeremy gets interviewed, grilled and challenged on his own show. Featuring: Jay Doran

June 25, 2021 Jeremy Adams
Openly Outspoken
EP49 - Jeremy gets interviewed, grilled and challenged on his own show. Featuring: Jay Doran
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken, friend and returning guest Jay Doran interviews me. He asks me about overcoming doubt, growing up poor, personal growth, talking about politics and how it has affected business, and more. 

Ever since Jay Doran was a child his curiosity around culture emulated from the core of his being. Every thought, word, and action that Jay had to face unresolved prepared him for who he is today. Jay believes that due to his innate curiosity and the knowledge that he was adopted catapulted his psyche into a far-off land of emotional distancing, rationalization, and externalization of his own emotions toward entrepreneurship. At a young age Jay was closed off, shutting others out, and always contemplating his entrepreneurial future. Jay is a self-motivated being always obsessed with understanding himself and his place in the world.

He believes he solves the necessary, inevitable, and valuable problems that arise in every business. Jay does this with immense gratitude, satisfaction, and responsibility; every day thus proving that Culture Matters. 

Connect with Jay
Instagram: @jaydoran_thecultureman

Openly Outspoken with Jeremy Adams is a podcast for authentic discussions on current events, business, politics, science, and more with some of the world’s best and brightest thought leaders. Jeremy’s primary inspiration to start the podcast was to be able to have meaningful conversations with people whose viewpoints he may or may not agree with. One of the greatest things about current civilization is the fact we are so different and have so many different perspectives. With a focus on growth and learning, rather than just being right, the world will be a much better place.

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