Openly Outspoken

EP37 - Fat shaming and the keys to maintaining healthy friendships. Featuring: Dr. Bob MacInnis

April 02, 2021 Jeremy Adams
Openly Outspoken
EP37 - Fat shaming and the keys to maintaining healthy friendships. Featuring: Dr. Bob MacInnis
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken I catch up with a guest from Episode 3 of the show, Dr. Bob MacInnis! We talk about a wide range of topics including struggling with weight, creating good habits, Canadian conservatives, getting offended, how to be open and authentic in your relationships and more.

Dr. MacInnis enjoyed a great career as a dentist, that was foundational to his ability to develop several diverse and successful opportunities outside of dentistry. His original dental practice is currently in its 40th year and is thriving today as one of the longest standing group practices in North America. He was a founder and seed investor in an innovative company in the mining/steel manufacturing sector that is now expanding into the global space as a dominant and disruptive leader. He has an amazing passion for personal growth and development, and loves using that passion to help high achieving business owners gain clarity on what matters most in life. He is in the final stages of launching an online training platform which will have universal business applications. Robert’s experience and connection with people in coaching, speaking and personal development is an ongoing passion.

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Openly Outspoken with Jeremy Adams is a podcast for authentic discussions on current events, business, politics, science, and more with some of the world’s best and brightest thought leaders. Jeremy’s primary inspiration to start the podcast was to be able to have meaningful conversations with people whose viewpoints he may or may not agree with. One of the greatest things about current civilization is the fact we are so different and have so many different perspectives. With a focus on growth and learning, rather than just being right, the world will be a much better place.

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