Openly Outspoken

EP33 - "Risky" asset classes, lowering taxes and building trust. Featuring: Jimmy Lee

March 05, 2021 Jeremy Adams
Openly Outspoken
EP33 - "Risky" asset classes, lowering taxes and building trust. Featuring: Jimmy Lee
Show Notes

This week on Openly Outspoken I caught up with Jimmy Lee, founder and CEO of The Wealth Consulting Group. We talked about cryptocurrency, advice for young investors, financial diversification, the benefits of being authentic in business and more!

About Jimmy Lee:

Husband, father, son, brother, uncle. Founder and CEO of The Wealth Consulting Group (WCG), a national wealth management firm with offices throughout the US. Currently, the firm has approx. $3.8 billion of assets under advisement for its clients.

Jimmy began his career in financial advice in 1995 after graduating from college. He has been self employed ever since. WCG was recognized as the 5th fastest growing registered investment advisory firm in 2016 by the Financial Advisor publication and was awarded for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion by Investment News in 2018. Jimmy has been profiled in the Wall St. Journal and is quoted by many other financial publications. He also appears on CNBC, Fox Business, TD Ameritrade and Yahoo Finance to discuss the markets and the financial industry.

Jimmy's goals are to continuously learn, get better, and to make a difference in as many lives as he can.

Reach out to Jimmy: 

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